Dupont Circle fountain

One of my favorite things to do in my own time is walk around D.C. and take pictures with my phone.  The Blackberry Bold has a surprisingly sharp camera, which makes for great snapshots.  Here is the full photo of the Dupont Circle fountain, which is in the banner photo above.

Dupont Circle is one of my favorite neighborhoods in the city and is often the setting for many of my stories, in real life and in fiction.  In the winter, the Circle makes for picturesque images of snow, particularly with the white-on-white fountain at the heart of the park.  In the spring and summer, it is a great place to read, relax, and revel in the beauty that is the D.C. gay community.

This portion of my blog will feature photos taken by me.  Look forward to more snapshots of cool places, hot venues, and great people that inspire me and my writing.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Snapshots

  1. I find that Du Pont is the unofficial center of DC, the place that I almost always tend to aim towards. Does that make me a DC insider?

    • I tend to agree. If Dupont isn’t the unofficial center of D.C. it’s at least the unofficial center of northwest. Most major roads in northwest — Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire Avenues — seem to lead to Dupont.

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