James Franco and Anne Hathaway put me to sleep during last night’s Oscars.  Hathaway joked that both were meant to appeal to a younger demographic, but their youth alone wasn’t enough to keep me interested.

The sexy duo seemed uncomfortable, stiff, even out of sync with one another.  While Franco was reserved, Hathaway tried zany.  Comedian Kevin Nealson tweeted, “Is it me or does it look like James Franco would cut his arm off to get out of hosting the Oscars?”  The Oscars missed the mark, too, when they put the co-hosts in drag; Hathaway looked dashing in a female-cut tuxedo, but Franco looked flat-chested, bulky, and just plain awful.  (Not all pretty boys can make pretty girls.)

I hit the hay after legendary actor Kirk Douglas, 94, gave the supporting actress award to Melissa Leo (yes, she dropped the F-bomb, but give her a break, she was excited).

The most redeeming news, this morning, is that the “King’s Speech” won Best Picture and Natalie Portman won Best Actress for her spellbinding performance in “Black Swan.”  (Read my review of the movie, which I saw four times while it was in theatres.)  The upside to this year’s Oscars:  the competition was tough, which means a lot to an avid movie-goer like me.


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