The Big Green Chair

Last Thursday, I had a doctor’s appointment at Georgetown University Hospital.  As usual, I walked there — which reminded me a lot of going to classes in the late afternoons — and I was greeted by an old friend:  the big green Adirondack chair that sits on the grounds of the Duke Ellington School of the Arts.

The chair is 14 feet tall and was built in 1996 by Ellington students.  At one point, graffiti threatened the chair, but students now take care of it by regularly repainting it green.  Occasionally, you can find students sitting on the chair or hanging out underneath it after school, no doubt creating future stories that begin with, “Do you remember the time under the big green chair?”

D.C. is no stranger to big chairs, apparently.  The We Love DC website shows us other chairs in the city, including the marble chair Lincoln sits in as he surveys the National Mall.  It also has a great picture of someone actually sitting in the big green chair, making him look like he took a bottle marked “Drink Me” à la “Alice in Wonderland.”  For another project, I might climb up the chair myself, but I’ll save that adventure for springtime.


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