I’m really excited to announce the publication of Potomac Review Issue 49.  This is a special poetry issue, comprised of selections made by my friend and colleague Katherine Smith.

Many of the poems in it are startling like Melanie Henderson’s “Miss Celie Shaves Mister” which re-imagines the classic scene from The Color Purple where Celie sharpens a razor blade on a strip of cowhide.  There are also many pieces by Ted Kooser who meditates on kitchen utensils, a friend of his grandmother’s, and past relatives whose memories still resonate.  Katherine has also included Kirk Nesset’s translation of Eugenio Montejo’s “A Bird’s Terredad.”  And more!

I’m particularly proud of 49 because it is the first of the next three issues whose production I will guide.  While Katherine and our associate poetry editors did all of the work reading, deciding, and selecting, I managed the release of the final product.  It was no easy task.  Last night, while the managing editor and our interns celebrated the delivery of the boxes, I likened it to a 30-hour delivery of an ornery baby.  Just when we thought we could see the crown of the baby’s head, the baby would go back in and we’d have to coax it out again.  There were times this spring that I wondered if this baby would ever get here, and now that it has, I have already forgotten the pain of the delivery process.  As with most things creative, pain has been replaced with pride and sincere satisfaction.

Order your copy today!


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