Last night, I had an impromptu dinner with four friends at Level One.  Two surprises:  meeting up with great people from Couchsurfing and the food at Level One is actually quite good!  Level One is in the same building as Cobalt, a gay night club on the corner of 17th and R.  They have outdoor seating that I’ve noticed is usually busy, but I have never had a meal there, as I associate the place with cocktails in the lounge and dancing on the top floor.  Who would have thought that in the evenings the place also serves Southern comfort food at reasonable prices?  Their menu features fried green tomatoes ($7), a pulled pork bbq sandwich ($10), a cobb salad ($11), and braised short ribs ($22).  The staff were friendly and flirtatious but not as attentive as they could have been.  When we added a fifth guest to our table, we asked for a chair and a menu, but we waited so long that I had to get up and get them myself.  The waiter was apologetic and turned on the charm even higher as the night progressed.  Instead of apologies, I’d like attention.  I’d also suggest changing their website, because it shares the same site as Cobalt, which makes the entire place look like a nightclub with a menu, somewhat incongruous to me.  A distinctly different, more relaxed-looking webpage could highlight the comfort food and the outdoor seating.  I’ll go back to Level One to enjoy al fresco dining in a trendy gay neighborhood, and I’ll be prepared for the slow but charming service.


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