I wanted to blog about the great haircut I got Thursday afternoon at VSL (1607 Connecticut Ave NW) but considering that Mark always does a superb job, I figured I’d promote fiction rather than another local business.  (If you do go to VSL, ignore receptionist Bobby’s dismissive attitude.  He doesn’t smile or speak until you do, which makes for a bad first impression if you’re new; once you get to the shampoo staff, Rosemary and Kim, you’ll forget all about him.)  Today’s real blogging topic:  two of my stories appear in the Spring 2011 issue of Yellow Medicine Review.

The first story is a flash fiction piece called “Professional Mourner.”  It’s about a Native American boy who buries dead pets.  The other is a much longer piece entitled “The Shrine.”  It’s about a Mexican American woman who returns to Arizona to visit her mother who is recovering from a car accident.  Both stories evoke the Catholic iconography and desert imagery that were so prevalent in the Southwest of my childhood.  I’m especially thrilled about “The Shrine” because it’s told from a female perspective and was very challenging for me to write.  Like “Exactly What You Want,” which was the featured story at Arlington Literary Journal in October 2010, these two stories were first written in 2004 during my time at the Johns Hopkins University writing program.  The stories have undergone several and significant revisions since then, of course, which is an important reminder for all fiction writers:  revision is vital.  Revision is key.

YMR is a journal of indigenous voices.  Purchase your copy now at Amazon.


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