I feel guilty.  I feel guilty because I slept in today.  This strange dilemma of not having anything to do usually hits me after an intense week of doing school or work-related stuff.  Summer session starts next Tuesday, but until then I have little else to do than show Maurice the city.   Today, we went to the National Zoo, and oddly enough my guilt went away.  How?  I saw a colleague from MC sitting on a bench carrying his infant daughter.  “Isn’t it nice to have the semester over with?” he said.  “Yes, it is!” I agreed.  He was right.  The semester is over and we finally have time to spend with our loved ones.  He was enjoying the afternoon with his daughter, someone he has probably been missing all semester; for the first time ever I actually have family visiting, and can spend some much needed quality time with him.  I still feel a little guilty (because I’m not used to having nothing to do) but as the week progresses, I’m sure I’ll find stuff to distract me and occupy my time.  I’m sure by next Tuesday I’ll be longing for more quality time at home.


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