I’ve been putting this day off for awhile.  Today Maurice and I will visit the Holocaust Museum.  It’s an important visit, but the visit has a tendency to make one very depressed.  The memory of genocide is overwhelming and shameful, and it can be difficult to get out of the resulting sense of sadness.  On Sunday night, a friend of mine suggested we eat at Hooters in Chinatown after our visit.  The contrast in the experiences would help, she said.  I smiled at her and wondered if that would work.  I’m not convinced, and I think not reflecting on the museum’s message would be somewhat disrespectful.  After we visit the museum, Maurice and I will probably take a long walk through the mall, across Capitol Hill, and back to Eastern Market.  Talking about what he’s going to make for dinner might be more helpful in moving us out of depression and reflection and into happiness and anticipation.  This week, I’ve been discovering that a home-cooked meal with family is a very good thing.


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