Notice:  I made the following list with no intention to offend anyone especially people who love babies or enjoy ice cream, like me.

10.  Scooping is easy and clean not to mention a form of exercise.

9. Dogs don’t make you run all over the place looking for a restroom.

8. It doesn’t disturb or offend you when a stranger asks, “Where did you get that?”

7. Dogs are not a requisite for either a baby shower or an ice cream social.

6. It wouldn’t be weird to find your dog chewing on your socks.

5. When you get on an airplane, the other passengers don’t stare at you in disgust.

4. People don’t look at you funny when you claim to be allergic.

3. Dogs can be left alone for eight hours without someone raising  hell.

2. Dogs are people, too.

1. No scream-ing!


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