Please consider attending this year’s Women’s Studies Program Summer Colloquium, “It’s Complicated: The Art, Study and Politics of Gender Across Disciplines,” on Friday, June 8, in the Faculty/Staff Dining Room in the Campus Commons building at Montgomery College in Rockville, Maryland.  The colloquium begins at 9:30 AM.

The keynote speaker this year will be Rahne Alexander, musician, performance artist and activist on gender issues.

Three members of the Rockville English department will be presenting workshops related to gender and teaching English.

Zachary Benavidez will present “Risky Business: Incorporating Gender and Sexuality in English Composition.”  He will explain how designing an English composition class around feminist theory with gender/sexual identity as topics can foster critical thinking skills and strengthen student writing, while also encouraging social responsibility. Zach will share how using a theme can make English Composition more interesting for both the student and the teacher.

Jarvis Slacks will present “The Clichéd American Dream: Gender Roles, Writing and Creativity in the 21st Century.” This session will examine how students tend to generalize gender in a creative writing class, relying on traditional tropes in their writing. Now that the idea of gender is more evolved, it is helpful to have a discussion about how writers and readers deal with gender and gender roles in creative writing and the workshop environment.

Michael LeBlanc will present “Who’s the Man? Masculinity in an Age of Gender Confusion,” along with three of his students. The purpose of this panel is to explore some of the many ways that traditional masculinity is breaking down and how this opens up new possibilities for alternative gender roles. After acknowledging the consequences of some  traditional social expectations, the panel will focus a majority of its time on examining ways that masculinity is currently in a state of confusion and how this carries the potential for liberating alternatives both in society and the classroom.

Montgomery College faculty and staff can register for the Colloquium by going to pds.montgomerycollege.edu. It is listed under “Women’s Studies Program Summer Colloquium.” All attendees will receive professional development certificates.

Registration is required.  For information on registration or questions about the program, please contact Genevieve Carminati at genevieve.carminati@montgomerycollege.edu or at 240-567-7446.


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