Today’s Express cover story features Sister Simone Campbell, standing victorious against a bus she’s been driving cross-country.  Her message: social justice and medical care for all.  You can bet the bishops of America are not pleased with Sister Simone’s socialism.

The left-leaning nun — I love that term! — is the executive director of Network, a DC-based Catholic social justice organisation.  She’s been on TV promoting her bus tour, specifically her pro-Obama Care stance, which includes, to the Church’s dismay, a requirement that all employers provide women with coverage for contraception.

American bishops are displeased with Sister Simone because she’s been spending too much time lobbying for social justice rather than speaking against abortion or gay marriage, the Express article says.  The tour also advocates fair medical treatment for the poor and the marginalised.  This pissed off Iowa Congressman Tom Latham who argued on radio that Sister Simone and her band of five nuns be pistol-whipped for their efforts.  A good beating will teach any woman to stay in line, right?

Yes, the Catholic Church has long held the position that sexual intercourse should only serve procreation, a rule that comes from a group of men that (supposedly) have never enjoyed sex, but like most of us, Sister Simone takes a more realistic, if more liberal, approach.  The Church must come to terms with the fact that many among the faithful are indeed having sex for recreation not procreation, and some of them are having sex outside of marriage not within.

Sister Simone is a blessed reminder that some among the religious (priests and nuns) are paying attention to an ever-changing Church.  She should be commended rather than pistol-whipped and lauded not derided for her position on preventing unwanted pregnancies, which in turn would lead to preventing abortions.  I support Sister Simone’s mission to save lives and I’ll bet my life that JC does, too.


2 thoughts on “Nuns on the Run for Social Justice

  1. I stand with the Pope. The nuns here in the US NEEDED to be reprimanded.I am surprised that she thinks she knows more than the Pope.

  2. BTW Do not emasculate Jesus, he is God, not Human. He loves the sinner, NOT the sin. Jesus loves so much that he doesn’t want anyone to continue to sin. If you read the Gospels, you will see this. I always like the Jesus and the Samaritan woman story. It speaks volumes!

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