ImageBetty White turns 91 today. Can you believe it? She’s a woman whose charm, style, and sense of humour never age. I grew up watching and loving “The Golden Girls.” In fact, when I graduated from undergrad in 2002, my family and friends celebrated not with a cake but with cheesecake! And my friend Adam sang “Thank you for being a friend.”

Of course, I love each of the girls equally, and I admire their traits (sometimes I feel I inherited some of them): Dorothy’s love of literature, Blanche’s assurance with her sexuality, Rose’s goodwill toward all living creatures (except in that episode when Rose tells Frieda Claxton to drop dead and she does!) and of course, Sofia’s storytelling nature (“Picture it. Sicily, 1925”). Rose told stories, too, those St. Olaf stories that seemed to make no sense until she made a point. Remember that time the Druid priests came to save St. Olaf to stop a volcano from erupting, and they asked to sacrifice the town’s dumbest virgin? Rose says, “I don’t know why I raised my hand.”

Anyway, I digress…. Rose taught me the importance of storytelling, the joy of innocence, the importance of goodwill to all, and especially the love for the simple things in life. And that magic could only have been translated through the beaming eyes and fine acting of Betty White.

Happy Birthday, Betty, and thank you for being a friend.


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